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Welcome to the zeroskin. In here you can download rainmeter,winamp skins or windows 7 Theme from my work for free (although you should pay of certain amount if you request a winamp,rainmeter or windows 7 theme ). All of winamp skins or rainmeter in here is my work . The image material belongs to original artist from pixiv,konachan ,yande.re,deviant art etc. I will make sure this site stay up to date although i'm not sure when the site update (maybe once a week or two of week or one of month) .

About request ,currently i'm just accept from my local country (indonesian) although it's really rare someone request to me lol  For now, i'm not accept from other country since i don't have a paypal yet, i will add other country later if me already have a paypal .  Your request(winamp or rainmeter) won't post to public , i mean that just for you .

Anyway in here i'm declare a YD (Yearn to Do). So ,i just post winamp skins or rainmeter a anime ,vn or manga character who caught my interest.  Lastly ,Happy downloading~

Rico Subarishiki

Name: Rico Subarishiki  
Real Name : Yosafat Wahyu 
Nickname: Subarishiki or rico 
Birthday: 11 November 199x
Email  : yosafatwhy@gmail.com
Handphone: 089605719448

Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/rico.subarishiki?refid=11
Horoscope: Scorpions

School : 
- Kindegarten St Immaculata 1997/1998 Kepanjen-Malang

- Elementary School Yos Sudarso 1998/1999 Kepanjen-Malang
-Junior High School St Yoseph 2004/2005 Kepanjen-Malang
-Vocational High School N 11 Semarang (Animasi)  2008/2009 Banyumanik -Semarang
- Widya Karya University Information Managemen/Manajemen Informatika  2010/2011 until now Malang - Jawa Timur 
Position: CEO ,Winamp skins author ,Rainmeter Author,Windows 7 Author  . 
Make this site : i didn't really remember but i'm sure around 2013

Occupation : 

  • IT Implementor Staff at PT. xxx (August 2013 - November 2014)
  • IT Development Staff at same company (November 2014 - April 2015)
  • Junior PHP Programmer at PT. xxx2 (July - October 2015)
  • IT Support PDC at PT. xxx3 (November 2015 - Currently i'm working in here)
Gender: Male
Religion : Catholic Roma
Address: Jatinegara - East Jakarta

Website :zeroskin.blogspot.com, Randomnessthing.com

Anime Orientation: Romance, Harem, Hentai ,Nekomimi ,Yuri, Futanari ,Comedy,School Life ,Moe ,Loli ,Ecchi  (tambah yang croot2  he he )
Game Orientation: Eroge (no eroge no life :P),DotA,Yugi-Oh
Hobbies: Watching anime (includes H + Yuri ), search anime image (Includes Yuri or hentai images ^^"),listen Anime/VN Song ,watching J- Dorama 
Music Orientation: Anime Ost ,Vn Ost,J-Pop (+ dangdut ,keroncong,Indonesian Pop)