Saturday, 15 April 2017

Windows 7 : Regarding windows 7 theme release in the future

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Yahallo ,Starting today I will make a campaign in zeroskin fans page to decide a theme will be released or not . I will always give a Preview a theme once a month or once / 2 weeks depends on my real life work  with various target likes on facebook. If target “likes” accomplished, that theme will be released in randomnessthing site and zeroskin site. If you want join to vote that theme,just visited zeroskin fans page and look theme post in here. Currently , I make windows 7 theme "Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records” in that campaign. Here Preview that theme. If you want that theme released,don’t forget to vote that theme in hereMaybe you’re wondering why I doing something like that, Honestly i’m always make a theme for myself not for audience . Why I should share my work to someone who not even me know? That’s not like I can take any money from that.
That is  main reason , and I come with a idea above and to make sure are you worth to using my work or not. That’s not like I need you , since I can live using my salary from real work not from you who not even me know. I don’t need you to using my theme. If you don’t like that regulation , you can download windows 7 theme in other site for example, windows 7 theme release in randomnessthing site and zeroskin site depends on you.