Friday, 8 July 2016

Windows 7 Theme : Masou Gakuen HxH by Zeroskin Project

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Yahallo , 
It's kinda rare me to make two windows 7 theme in a week. Well , i'm kinda rushed to make this theme. How come ? After watch first episode, i think this is best ecchi anime in this season and i'm put a lot ero effort to make this one and lucky almost a lot of ero images material who founded in danbooru supported to this theme. Anyway As usual best ecchi anime every season have a lot of issue , A lot people in social media making fun the one who watched thats anime . At the first,i'm kinda irritated (since i'm a fans of ecchi anime ) and grow tired about that then decide "leave them be, i'm better do some productive activities".  Well , everyone have their taste about stuff ,you shouldn't force your interested to others (it's kinda annoying) and don't judge people by their interested . Everyone have a good side and dark side .
See you next time 

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