Sunday, 6 March 2016

Winamp Skin : Chain Saw 3

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Yahallo ,
Maybe this one is my last post for a month ,few month or few years again   Since that's gonna be like that , i will share my favorite work to you . Relax, this one isn't incident like last time, im already learned my lesson . Lately my health condition is worse especially my right hand , I've get illness Carpal Tunnel Syndrome because using mouse and keyboard with wrong position for more than 17 hours a day for 5 years or more . This illnes can't cured completely except using a operation in a  hospital and of course i won't to that place since i have a financial issue for operation and afraid with syringe at this age. 
This is last condition for my right hand
 Well with that said,i'm prevent activities using laptop or pc using my right hand in boarding house. I'm confused what's the best decision at times like this. The best method of course ,not using computer or laptop and rest my hand for  a while. But reality really different . I'm a co worker in a company and using laptop more than 19 hours for work lately. If i'm resign, i don't know what's to eat for tomorrow since i live at boarding house not with my family. And a job in this day so rare not using computer. I'm so confused lol
Anyway, i don't want all/ few of you get same illnes like me especially a gamer who always using a mouse and keyboard all a day. You can take a look more about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in google and hope not meet same fate like me. 
See you..

chain saw 3
Skin Name: Chain saw 3

File Size: 330 Kb

Color Theme: Blue or Purple
Features: Play control, seek slider, song title, equalizer, playlist, media library
Note: Read license issue in here before you share my work in your site