Sunday, 17 January 2016

Winamp Skin : Aigis Millennium War

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Yahallo ,
Today ,i'm browsing internet a lot since that is my day off . Well, usually i'm just in boarding house when days off doing create some random skins, watch anime,read manga or read some light novel. And then i'm found a interesting skins in a japan forum and i though i will share with you since that's  skins have some feature who can't created in my current knowledge(I'm sure ,msd zero or indratama can do it though since they are expert in that kind of things). Then i'm announce again , this is not my work. Layout of this skins is dragable,so you can drag or re-layout position in your will plus the magic circle in in behind character ,actually is a animation , that circle will doing a spin it's kinda nice to viewed . This skins have a feature to change character too,3 characters available in this skins. Enough abut that stuff and happy downloading.

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DIVINA :エリーゼ
千年戦争アイギス :シビラ
Elsword :ディメンションウィッチ

Winamp 5.6 日本語
エリーゼskin ver1.2

0:06 2011/11/01 N.N.
エリーゼskin ver1.0

22:27 2012/08/12 N.N.
エリーゼskin ver1.1

0:00 2015/08/12 N.N.
エリーゼskin ver1.2

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